Mobile Foam Trolley Unit

Type Mobile Foam Trolley Unit
Description Mobile foam unit is a self contained system designed to provide mobile firefighting foam capability for various hazardous areas where flammable liquids are present. It was developed for rapid deployment of foam extinguishing system to fires in high-risk places such as loading terminals, oil storage areas, boiler rooms, engine compartments, and areas susceptible to chemical spills. Foam Unit is a highly manoeuvrable wheeled cart consisting of a carbon steel tank with two built-in hose storage locations, an educator with metering valve, and two lengths of fire hose with a choice of foam nozzles.
Material Concentrate Tank – Carbon Steel. Eductor – Aluminium Alloy.  Branch Pipe – Stainless Steel. Wheel – Rubber
100L, 200L, 300L, 500L
Working Pressure 6-8 Bar
Flow Rate
4L/S (60GPM) OR 8 L/S(125GPM)
Fire Hose Length
2 rolls × 15 m is standard, other length available upon request.
Mixing Ratio
1% – 3% – 6%
 Finish Fire Red, Yellow
Glass bulb Size 3mm/5mm


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