Directional Spray Sprinkler Head

Foam-water sprinkler is air-aspirating foam discharge outlet used in foam-water deluge systems. As foam solution flows through the inlet, air is also drawn into the body. It prevents flammable liquid risks by discharging foam in a predetermined pattern, also it can discharge water similar to standard spray sprinkler.

Maximum Working Pressure 175 psi (12.Bar) Water distribution optimum
flowing pressure is 30 to 80 psi (2.1 to 5.5 Bar)
Surface Finish Natural brass / chrome plated
Body Brass
Swirl Plate Brass
Strainer Brass
K factor K= 14-125
Angle Spray 60o 90o 120o
Connecting Thread 1/2 ” R, 1/2 NPT , 3/4 ” R, 3/4 NPT


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