Foam Monitors


A foam monitor is a device with directional control which leads the flow of water or foam to the outlet at different rates and jetting ranges, depending on the configuration of the  monitor. Monitors are often designed to accommodate foam which has been injected in the upstream piping.


  • Aluminum alloy construction;
  • Tiller Control;
  • Flow Rate: 24/32/40/48/64 LPS (optional);
  • Available for water and foam both;
  • 360° rotation horizontally;
  • -45° to +85° elevate vertically;
  • Flange standard: BS4504,ANSI150



Model Number EFF-HFM-021
Flow Rate 3840 LPM
Working Pressure 12 Bar
Foam Jetting Range 60 meter
Water Jetting Range 65 meter
Foam Expansion ≧ 6 times
Rotation Horizontally    360°
Elevate Vertically 45° to +85°
Inlet DN100 (4”)
Outlet 2.5” NH
Material Monitor & Nozzle – aluminum alloy
Triller – SS304 Stainless steel


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