Landing Valves


Landing valves are suitable for installation on wet risers in buildings for fire fighting purposes, permanently charged with water from a pressurized supply. They are Globe valves that are installed on hydrants, a branch and hose is connected to a coupling on it.


STANDARD Manufactured to BS 5041 Part 1
Pressure Rating PN 16
Test Pressure Valve seat @ 16.5bar, Body @22.5 Bar
Inlet Flange 2.5″ BS336 Male BSP.
Outlet Flange 2.5″ BS336 male instantaneous.
Body Copper Alloy to EN 1982
Hand Wheel Grey Cast Iron to BS EN 1561
Disc Assembly Brass with replaceable facing rubber
Blank Cap Copper Alloy to EN 1982
Stem Brass
Chains SUS 304
Cap ABS Plastic
Finishing Epoxy Powder Red


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