Water Monitors


Fire monitor is a controllable high-capacity water jet used for manual firefighting fire protection systems. Monitors are often designed to accommodate foam which has been injected in the upstream piping.


  • Aluminum alloy construction;
  • Flow Rate adjustable;
  • Jetting Pattern: Straight stream, Fog;
  • 360° rotation horizontally;
  • -45° to +85° elevate vertically;
  • Flange standard: BS4504,ANSI150



Model Number EFF-HWM-021
Flow Rate 1800-2400-3000 LPM Adjustable Nozzle
Working Pressure 10 Bar
Max. Reach @ 10 bar 65 meters @ 3000 LPM
Max. Fog Angle 120°
Max Range Of Monitor -45° to +85° Vertically, 360° Rotation
Waterway Size 2.5”(65mm)
Monitor Outlet .5” (50mm) NH male thread
Monitor Inlet Flange 4” BS4504 is standard, other standard flange is available
Material Monitor & Nozzle – aluminium alloy
Triller – SS304 Stainless steel


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