Sidewall Water Curtain Nozzle


Water Curtain Nozzle distributes water in a flat curtain extending all the way to the ground. It is a nozzle fixed in the pipe of the water curtain system and used to continuously spray water to form a water curtain which would also protect the surface threatened by fire and form a fire separation. The nozzles when mounted in horizontal position with flow towards ground, a flat water curtain are produced to segregate the area which is under fire. Water Curtain Nozzles are available in Brass and Stainless Steel construction with different flow rate


Maximum Working Pressure 175 psi (12.Bar) Water distribution optimum flowing pressure is 30 to 80 psi (2.1 to 5.5 Bar)
Surface Finish Chrome plated
Body Brass
Strainer Brass
Size DN 15 (1/2”) ,DN 20 (3/4”), DN 25 (1”)
K factor K= 20-30, K=30-45, K=50-65
Connecting Thread BSPT, (NPT OPTIONAL)


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