Upright Standard Sprinkler Head

Type Upright sprinkler (Standard response)
Description An upright sprinkler at standard response with 5 mm glass bulb is installed upward on the pipeline. When the glass bulb breaks, the water stream is directed upward against the deflector
Response Standard with 5 mm glass bulb
Maximum Working Pressure 175 psi (12.Bar)
Surface Finish Natural brass / chrome plated / white
Sealing Assembly Nickel Alloy w/Teflon or NBR O-ring
Frame Bronze
Compression Screw Bronze
Glass bulb Size Ø3mm/5mm
Deflector Copper
Deflector type Upright
K factor K= 5.6 – Connecting Size -1/2″ (DN15)
K factor K= 8.0 – Connecting Size -3/4″ (DN20)
Connecting Thread BSP(NPT Optional)
Temperature 135°F / 57°C, 155°F / 68°C, 175°F / 79°C, 200°F / 93°C, 286°F / 141°C, 360°F / 182°C
Installation Upright


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